“Love Church” in Virginia: Tax Evasion, Lies and Pedophilia

The “Love Church” scandals keep on coming …

The IRS has filed four court liens against the “Love Church” (formerly The Life Church in Manassas, Virginia, but now relocated under the new Senior Pastor Josh Baird to Gainesville, Virginia, with another “campus” in Winchester, Virginia).

Those multiple liens are for massive tax evasion by the “Love Church” over an eleven year period for unpaid employee payroll withholdings.

The outstanding taxes listed in the liens equal $912,128.50, but with penalties they currently total MORE THAN A MILLION DOLLARS.

For those being asked to now become “members” of the “Love Church” at their big meeting in April 2018, it appears that the liens and the original tax evasion happened before the “Love Church” fully incorporated.

In fact, attorneys for the “Love Church”, in the recent criminal case over pedophilia at the church, admitted that it was not incorporated. Consistent with that separate admission, the IRS liens likewise list the present and prior unincorporated names of church.

If unincorporated when the tax evasion occurred, then EACH AND EVERY MEMBER of the “Love Church”, under Virginia law, can be held PERSONALLY LIABLE for these taxes and penalties.

This means that if the church goes under because of its growing scandals and can’t pay the IRS, individual members can be held liable for those liens.

Even if the church completes its incorporation process next month as planned, the law allows the IRS to seek payment – just like any other prior creditors – from individual members of the church for its past sins and mismanagement while unincorporated.

Furthermore, records seized by law enforcement authorities during their massive raid on church offices while investigating child molestation there, revealed the following disturbing fact (as independently confirmed by three officials with direct knowledge):

Around the same time the IRS filed its four liens in August 2016, the “Love Church” began paying Pastor Josh Baird’s brother, Jordan Baird, his FULL SALARY of over $50,000 annually while facing criminal charges for pedophilia at the church.

According to church records obtained by police, this was done by adding Jordan Baird’s salary, after his arrest but while awaiting trial, to the considerable salary his wife already was receiving from the church.

AT THE SAME TIME, the Bard family – which runs the church – was misleadingly assuring the congregation and the public that Jordan had been fired and relieved of his duties at the church because of the charges he was facing.

For those who think any payments to Jordan Baird through his wife may have been appropriate, consider this:

Do you really think anyone else on staff at the “Love Church”, after being arrested for child molestation at the church, would continue receiving his full salary while awaiting trial (and in this case, eventual conviction) unless they too were part of the Baird family?


Thus, documents indicate that the “Love Church”, rather than satisfy its outstanding payroll withholding tax obligations, decided instead to essentially give Jordan Baird a fully paid vacation for OVER A YEAR AND A HALF …

In return for being arrested on child molestation charges involving the church.

Nepotism runs deep at the “Love Church”.

We doubt the IRS will be amused to learn where the money it was owed instead went …

Or be sympathetic to pleas of mercy by individual church members who – through silence – allowed this to happen.

Stay tuned. There’s more to come.

~ Nathan’s Voice

(This post has been updated to reflect the new name of the Life Church, which was changed by the Josh Baird – the new Senior Pastor and brother of Jordan Baird – to “Love Church” in an apparent attempt to mislead the public about its ongoing history of abuse, deception and intimidation.)

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Here are the four IRS liens against the “Love Church” (formerly The Life Church) for payroll tax evasion, obtained from official court records:

Love Church – Tax Liens

For more information and court documents on child solicitation and molestation at the “Love Church”, leading to the criminal conviction of Jordan Baird:

Sexual Predation and Pedophilia at The “Love Church” in Virginia


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