About Us

Nathan’s Voice is a ministry of compassion, healing and justice for victims of abusive churches and exploitive church leaders in Northern Virginia.

Unfortunately, sexual predation, financial improprieties and emotional manipulation are prevalent problems in too many churches – including evangelical, pentecostal and charismatic, as well as mainline protestant and Catholic congregations. This is especially true when gifted and likable leaders are put on pedestals, where they often become unaccountable (except to themselves) and eventually exploitive.

Nathan’s Voice helps victims by providing vitally needed counseling, spiritual care, community, emotional support, advocacy and, when appropriate, legal services – while also helping them, if needed, find justice and obtain restitution.

We take our name from the prophet Nathan, who confronted King David – even though he was God’s hand-picked leader over God’s people – for using his position of power and trust to exploit Bathsheba and then hiding his sin by further abusing his authority.

We are affiliated with Fulcrum Ministries, a network of diverse ministries and informal fellowships – where folks gather in improbable places like living rooms, prison dorms, coffee houses and homeless shelters to share with each other the joy of knowing Jesus. However, we serve all who need help, as our resources allow, and work with other healthy churches and ministries to provide the widest possible range of support for victims and their families.

Nathan’s Voice is wholly volunteer based. We do not solicit donations, charge for any help we provide, or receive fees or any other form of compensation for any referrals we make.