A Mom Confronts “Love Church” and Her Daughter’s Abuser

On February 21, 2018, a court imposed a nearly five-and-a-half year sentence on Jordan David Baird for six pedophilia felony convictions.

His charges all involved using his position as a worship leader and youth pastor at The Life Church in Manassas, Virginia (now renamed “Love Church” and relocated to Gainesville, Virginia, by Josh Baird, the new senior pastor and brother of Jordan Baird), to sexually solicit and molest a young girl soon after her sixteenth birthday. (See, Sexual Predation and Pedophilia at “Love Church” in Virginia.)

Jordan Baird also is the son of David Baird, the senior pastor when the molestation occurred.

At that sentencing hearing, the victim’s mom took the stand. While looking directly at Jordan Baird and the Baird family – which controls “Love Church” and was sitting in the court room – she gave a very direct and powerful impact statement.

With the mom’s permission, we are posting her statement (her daughter, who is now 19, also gave us permission to post it and keep her name in it) to encourage and embolden other survivors of sexual abuse at “Love Church” – and elsewhere – to likewise find their voice and tell their stories.

We are simultaneously posting the equally powerful victim impact statement given at the same hearing by her daughter. (See, Silent No More: Morgan’s Brave Statement Against Her Abuser.)

If you were abused at “Love Church” by Jordan Baird or anyone else, or have information relevant to such abuse, please contact the Supervisor of the Special Victims Bureau with the Prince William County Police at 703-792-6508.

Those specially trained investigators have been incredibly sensitive and helpful to others who have come forward, and as of this writing both Mr. Baird and the “Love Church” continue to be the subject of open, ongoing investigations.

If desired, someone from Nathan’s Voice can go with you to provide caring support in talking to investigators, and otherwise assist you, so you don’t feel isolated or alone.

A Mom Confronts “Love Church”
and Her Daughter’s Abuser

Our family would like to thank you, Kevin Gross [the Special Prosecutor], and the entire Prince William County team of investigators and police.

At a time when we needed our church family desperately, you all stepped in to administer your compassion, guidance and wisdom. You cared about the pain, confusion and suffering that our family was going through.

Each of you believed this little, broken girl who had been used, abused and seemingly thrown away by her “church family” – which she had known almost her whole life.

You could see how honest, sincere, and beautiful she truly is. You helped all of us right away trust that people are good and caring and honest after such an unthinkable betrayal.

I know that God sent each of you to help us and I just want to say thank you. What you do matters. It saves lives and we will be eternally grateful for the grace and kindness you have each shown my family.

We would also like to thank this Court, Your Honor and all of the bailiffs and jurors for their time and attention to this matter.

We want to give honor and glory to God for protecting us and giving us peace throughout this process.

You see, this was not just a trial to us. This was not a chance to win or put the Baird’s to shame. This was a battle that we never asked for and never wanted.

Twelve years ago, the first time I ever stepped foot onto The Life Church Campus [now “Love Church”] it was to serve them, to speak at a woman’s event, to love the women of the community where I grew up in Manassas.

I’ve wished a million times that I could take that moment back. If only I had known that serving your church for 10 years, bringing my family there, encouraging them to serve there too would result in the greatest devastation we could have ever imagined.

How could I have known that although we protected our daughter in every other way imaginable, it would be at the hands of her “church family” that she would be stripped of her innocence, dignity and honor? Not only the abuse, which was horrendous, but the ongoing assault ever since?

How is it possible that a family like ours, which lives each day to love and serve our very community, could be in the position now to be shunned when we walk into public places? Mistreated and ignored in our very own business that was built on making a difference in this world?

We are now seen as lepers, backs are turned on us daily, people divert from making eye contact with us – as if our whole entire history of being an honored family in this community has been erased.

You stole the foundation of safety we laid for sixteen years for our daughter. You stole the ten years that our daughter served at that church, the relationships that were built, the memories have all been tainted.

They don’t even belong to her anymore. Her life for those ten years has been completely erased because of what you and your family have done to her.

God forbid anything were to happen to Morgan, because there would hardly be anyone to even come to her funeral.

How do you return to a child the history that has been stolen from her at the hands of evil?

How do you ever replace the memories she had there that were good?

Replace all the friends that she made that have now abandoned her?

Even all of her pictures have reminders of all of the people who have betrayed her.

Let me tell you how, YOU DON’T!

We are constantly reminded of what we have lost, and it is irreplaceable.

I hesitated to message an old friend this week to offer her a prayer for her son, although our whole family fought alongside them the last two times he had cancer. In the past, Morgan and my husband went to the hospital to play video games with him, as I brought prayer coverage and food to his family.

This week he lays in a hospital bed and we are not welcome there because your entire family has told lies about us to our very own community. Why? Because our daughter was abused in your church.

Because you, Jordan Baird, will not tell the truth about what you did and apologize and take the responsibility of what you have done.

Can you imagine how Morgan would now be treated if you had just told the truth? It would all look different.

She believed you and your family would all do the right thing and not one of you has. We had hope that SOMEONE would stand up and say, “Don’t try and use her as the scapegoat.”

Not ONE person in your family had enough courage. Not one. What an opportunity  missed by all of you!

Instead you all chose to mock her and after terrorizing her, called her things like “attention whore”.


Even greater is the travesty that so many, if not all of your family, knew you have a serious problem.

You’ve known all along that your Dad and church family would cover up for you, because they have so many times before.

The day your father said to the detective on their first visit, “If this goes legal, we will have people lined up to say she’s done this before,” we knew that no one in your family cared at all about what would happen to her.

Your sister-in-law received information numerous times about your behavior and did nothing to prevent this! Instead she says that she “never knew the truth but that NO ONE WAS ABUSED!”

Well on Nov. 14, 2016, our daughter came here to this courthouse and got up on the stand during the preliminary hearing to do the hardest thing she ever had to …

To tell what happened.

You all KNEW it was true and yet continued to say you knew nothing. Just one month later you said on Instagram, “We will come out of this not even smelling like smoke”.


It’s been 623 days since we found out that our baby girl was assaulted by you.

Its been three and a half years since you and your family decided to partner with Satan to try to destroy her.

It’s also been countless days of panic attacks and talking her down off a cliff of sickness.

I’ve been to the counselors, prayer ministers and doctors offices with her hundreds of times – places we never frequented before.

Last week we went to get blood drawn again because her heart now palpitates and she’s afraid she will have a heart attack or stroke.

It doesn’t matter how many times I tell her, “Just because this really awful thing happened doesn’t mean that bad things will keep happening to you”.

I tell her over and over, but the attacks keep coming.

“Mom, I’m dizzy and feel like I’m going to faint.”

“Mom, my heart is beating out of my chest, is it going to explode?”

“Mom, I feel panicked and am too afraid to drive home alone.”

She can’t sleep without a light anymore because you, Jordan, called her to your church office for a “meeting”, then closed the door, turned the lights off and shoved a chair under the doorknob to terrorize her.

It goes on and on and on.

When will it end?

It never will, because the effects of trauma on a person are also physical.

Do you know the statistics, Jordan, of what your kind of abuse does to young children? 98% of them turn their back on Jesus and never return. Isn’t this the exact opposite of what you were doing up on that stage week after week at The Life Church?

Jordan, YOU are not responsible for saving your father’s church, no matter what he may have told you. “Take it to the grave.” “Don’t give too much information.” “People will forget this ever happened.”

Jordan, here’s my advice to you:

Make a list of every one of the girls/persons you have ever hurt and make it public. Apologize, repent from your heart and get the help you need.

I’m gonna tell you something that no one in your family has enough courage to tell you. You are a pedophile and a sex addict.

Get appropriate help and maybe just maybe you’ll come out of this.

You made a decision, Jordan Baird, the day that you partnered with Satan to try to destroy our daughter.

Your father has also partnered with Satan to try to destroy our daughter as well.

But I want you to know that the God we serve will be restoring every single thing that you both stole from her, and then some. The plan of the enemy that you and your entire family partnered with will not prevail.

We will see to it that the laws in this state are changed to hold Pastors and churches responsible for mandated reporting.

Jordan, you have not fooled everyone. There is a list of the girls that have been abused by you in one way or another, whether you used your purity ring at George Mason University to lure them to the hot tub in the name of Jesus or snuck them into your parents house to do the same.

Perhaps it was the one you told was the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen or so talented and should be a model and star.

Perhaps it was the ones you attacked while giving voice lessons inside the church, or on youth trips.

Or perhaps my daughter, to whom you told you would take to the grave what you did to her.

You may think you are taking those secrets to your grave, but God has different plans for your dirty little secrets.

You see, He loves you so much that he is going to expose all of them. He’s going to call all your innocent victims out of darkness into the light where He will give them a voice as He frees them from the shackles you joined Satan in placing on them. No more fear, worry, guilt, shame or unbelief in God.

So you may continue to pretend that none of it happened, but not one thing you did escaped the heart of God.

He will bring freedom and justice to all of your victims, one at a time, and our family and others will be there to assist them.

You are welcome, Jordan, for giving us the opportunity to help your victims receive freedom in Christ.  While your family continues to cover up your heinous crimes, we will be bringing your victims to the Cross.

This list of victims is growing longer by the week. The names on this list are girls that came to your church looking for God and found evil instead.

Some of these girls now use self harm on a daily basis to relieve the pain you have caused them, some have even attempted suicide and continue to live in fear.

Some don’t believe in God anymore, Jordan, because you represented Jesus to them and the result is not wanting to live anymore.

I know that you know each name on this list, Jordan, and that you could add more to it.

Maybe, just maybe, you can come to full repentance and take responsibility for what you and your family did to these girls. I say your family, because they knew these girls too and were actively involved in covering up your sins.

There is only one way out of the mess you are in and that’s a full confession.

You still have the opportunity to change all of this by coming forward with the truth. We pray you do, but until then we will continue to go to war for the broken that you and your family have left behind. Their tears cry out for healing and justice.

So far, you’ve spent forty-two days in prison, while our daughter has spent three and a half years imprisoned by the affects of your abuse. You will leave this place, yet her sentence is lifelong.

The day she gets married there won’t be any childhood friends in her wedding party and none on the guest list. She fought so hard to keep her purity intact from you and will have that on that day, yet the scars of what you did to her will still be present.

She will never be that little girl that she was before you assaulted her, Jordan.

But I want you to know that she saved your life, by coming forward and by not doing the things you tried so hard to get her to do. If she had, you would not be here today, Jordan.

Her coming forward has literally saved your life by giving you a chance to make things right with God. Her honesty was an act of mercy from God, for which YOU ARE WELCOME.

If all of the pain and suffering our family has endured prevents this from ever happening again to anyone else, then so be it.

May God have mercy on your soul for what you have done to her and so many others.

~ Morgan’s Mom

(This post has been updated to reflect the new name of the Life Church, which was changed by the Josh Baird – the new Senior Pastor and brother of Jordan Baird – to “Love Church” in an apparent attempt to mislead the public about its ongoing history of abuse, deception and intimidation.)

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