Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Refiled Against “Love Church” in Virginia Court

As reported today in the Fauquier Times, one of the victims sexually molested as a child at the “Love Church” in Virginia has refiled her $21 million civil lawsuit against the church. The victim also names the church’s former youth pastor and convicted pedophile Jordan Baird – and his wife Michelle Baird – as defendants.

“Love Church”, previously known as The Life Church, is now run by senior pastor Josh Baird, the brother of Jordan Baird and the son of former senior pastor David Baird.

Josh Baird, “Love Church” Senior Pastor

Josh Baird recently changed the church’s name to “Love Church” in an apparent attempt to obscure and mislead the public about its ongoing history of abuse, deception and intimidation. He also recently relocated the church from Manassas to Gainesville, Virginia (with another “campus” in Winchester, Virginia).

In court filings, Josh Baird deceptively claims through the church’s attorneys that the church didn’t exist when his brother was the youth pastor and molesting children on the church’s property – despite creating and posting a video which boasts (in direct contradiction to his numerous contrary statements in the lawsuit) that the church’s existence goes back to its days when it was known as The Life Church. See We Love Church.

Josh Baird, in other court filings through the church’s attorneys, also has repeatedly demanded (despite the judge’s consistent refusal) to be allowed to identify and name the child victim publicly – all in an apparent attempt to intimidate and further abuse her and her family in the hopes that she will drop her claims.

Josh Baird’s bizarre and abusive demands, though, haven’t worked, as evidenced by the civil suit recently being re-filed against the “Love Chuch”, his former youth pastor and brother Jordan Baird, and his former church ministry supervisor and sister-in-law Michelle Baird.

We applaud the Fauquier Times for publishing this new article by Liam Bowman, an investigative reporter with the Piedmont Journalism Foundation.

~ Nathan’s Voice

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