Christian Counseling Class

For those who want to become part of a support network for abuse survivors, one of our founders, Jim Wright, will be teaching a semester-long Christian counseling class beginning Tuesday, September 6th, through early December. We will be meeting every Tuesday evening at his home just south of Manassas, Virginia, from 7:00 to 9:15 pm.

Here’s a description from Jim:

The course is being offered through Emmanuel Christian Institute for a very modest $200 (this fee goes to them for much appreciated administrative support, not me!).

I invite you to be part of the class. Simply show up next Tuesday for the first class and we will get you appropriately registered at that time. However, PLEASE CONFIRM WITH ME BY EMAIL that you will be attending! I will then send you my home address.

As many of you know, my wife Marianne and I have years of experience helping people get to and transparently expose to the Lord their core beliefs and feelings. We find that when we honestly expose those beliefs and feelings, the Lord meets us there with healing for the hurts and wounds that we needlessly have carried and that have caused us so much bondage, pain and turmoil.

Time and again we see dramatic healing and wholeness as we apply – without watering them down – Biblical principles like confession, forgiveness and repentance. Our job is not to “fix” anyone, or to tell them how to “fix” themselves. Rather, what I will be teaching you in the class is how to help someone transparently lay before the Lord their hurts and wounds, and then teach you how to let the Lord Himself minister healing and wholeness to them.

I will be teaching from a profound Biblical framework, with practical techniques and the experience of having effectively ministered to and seen the Lord bring healing to hundreds of people over the years.

If you want to attend the class, you will need to purchase the following books:

Healing Life’s Hurts by Ed Smith (

Basic Training Seminar Manual (

Basic Training Seminar Student Workbook (

Live Ministry Demonstration Training – Student Workbook (

In the class, we will start off by focusing on the methods developed by Dr. Ed Smith, under the name “theophostic,” as our core approach. I have found that Dr. Smith’s methods are tremendously effective, although I will also cover some of the shortcomings that I’ve found in his techniques. I then will teach some additional principles, methods and techniques that are essential for any well-rounded, Biblically-grounded basis for ministry.

I hope you can join us for this vitally needed class so you can be equipped to help and to minister to others in new, amazingly effective ways.

Again, if you plan to come to the first class, please let me know beforehand. If you have any questions, feel free to call or send me an email.

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